Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Writer's Life

A Guest Post by Lupe Fernandez

What is the relationship between art and existence? What kind of devotion does creating a manuscript require? What is the limit of personal sacrifice?

These and many other existential questions are examined in this short, intriguing video (see below). An anonymous writer is photographed in-situ, exposing intricate, arcane habits and rituals that surround the practice. Mythic, archetypal forms, hark back to days of yore, of cuneiform, of a time when Neolithic humans gazed into the mute sky and asked, "Why?"

Ironic that the pinnacle of technology, the information age, explores that most ancient of inquires - the search for meaning. The video title "Non-Writing Activities", refers to the neocortexian, limbic and archipallium processes that separate Homo Sapiens from the nebular dust of our origins.

Be advised: Only seekers of the truth should view this presentation. Abandon all banality, ye who enter. Gaze upon this work, humble and terrifying in its implications. But do not tremble and despair. Imagination knows no fear, except the fear of no imagination.

Watch now if you dare:

Thank you, Lupe, for daring to ask the questions so many of us are afraid to confront - on the writing process, the non-writing process - in essence, the key to our very existence. 

Please visit Pen and Ink for more of Lupe's profound insights - as well as an upcoming insight from me: On Tuesday, February 8, I will be featured guest blogger on Pen and Ink...


Pen and Ink said...

The man in the video is crazy.
Loco Motion

Megan Frances said...

Dear Loco

No comment!


Pen and Ink said...

EL hombre esta frustrado con su creatividad. I can see why those Pen and Inkers didn't want to post this volatile depiction of the writer's journey on the site. OBW & P is very brave.

Susan J. Berger said...

A true monument to the frustrations of the creative process.
Envy in Van Nuys

Lori W. said...

He snores like a cartoon character. Somebody should write about this guy.

Megan Frances said...

Dear Pen and Ink

So this is where you post the things you censor on your blog.... now you tell me!


Megan Frances said...

Dear Lori

You're right. He is a rather compelling character.

Laurie L Young said...

They have medication for that . . .

Christopher said...

I wonder what his family thinks of him?

Megan Frances said...

Laurie, you mean for the snoring?

Christopher, I'm sure his family is very concerned about his enormous rate of paper consumption.

Pen and Ink said...

The following is a real comment from a fan, we didn't make it up.

"I'm not techie enough to post on the blog, but I found this to be an honest and clever look at the mysterious process of creativity.

I especially liked your profound intro line: 'Imagination knows no fear, except the fear of no imagination.'
best i."

The Management

Pen and Ink said...

Dear Gentle People,
I do not snore.
Whistling Dixie

Julie Musil said...

Oh my gosh, that video is hilarious. When I read all the fancy words before watching, I thought it would be some fancy shmancy literary thing. Thankfully, this video was more my style. Especially the Snickers and delete key. Thanks for the laughs!

Pen and Ink said...

Dear Julie,
The Delete key, or "Del" as known to its friends, is the unsung, unappreciated and understated key in the pantheon of keyboard letters. Oh sure, Enter and Shift get all the glory...but Del waits patiently, ready to espouse its wisdom to those who press its button.

This Message was sponsored by the Committee to Relocate the Delete Key

Megan Frances said...

Thank you, Julie. Fancy shmancy literary things may have their place, but I like to keep a balanced blog.

BTW, I am quite attached to my delete key.

Lee Rae said...

I laughed, I cried. What a masterpiece!

Pen and Ink said...

Lee Rae,
We laughed.
We cried.
We thanked God this post wasn't on our site.
The Management

Megan Frances said...

I'm still laughing, Lee Rae.

Also hoping Pen & Ink will keep on sending me their leftovers.