Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flashback to the 90s

You've Got Mail, redux

Remember the fluffy 1998 romantic comedy, You've Got Mail, directed by Nora Ephron? I stumbled on the last half recently while watching TV in a mind-numbed state -- instead of doing what I should have been doing.

On the surface, it's a sweet story about a girl (Meg Ryan) and guy (Tom Hanks) who fall in love via their online correspondence. At the time, email was a novelty and modems made eerie outer space sounds during the connection process.

Underneath the fluff, was a darker David and Goliath subplot I'd kind of forgotten about. The Tom Hanks character owns a chain bookstore that mows down Meg Ryan's small independent children's book shop.

Watching it now, the movie seemed like a quaint period piece, even though it was just 13 years ago. There was something oddly nostalgic about watching an indie bookseller being trounced by a chain bookstore from today's perspective, when one of the Goliath book chains has just come tumbling down.

Anyway, everything ends up okay in the end. Meg Ryan's character writes a children's book, and everyone lives happily ever after.

I know things have been gloomy here lately, but don't worry, I promise some fun things are coming up soon, like the blog tour for Quacky Baseball  -- the new picture book by Peter Abrahams, illustrated by Frank Morrison -- that just came out this week (Harper Collins). Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, seen any good nostalgic movies lately? 


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I think Meg Ryan's career got mowed down too.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Bah! Humbug. Gloom is good.

I watched the original Planet of the Apes. Sigh. The good old days.

grunt, grunt

Lee Rae said...

The gloom is lifting. I am really happy that Quacky Baseball is finally coming out. This is very good news! I had pre-ordered it and the book should be on my doorstep tomorrow or next week. The Blog Tour for this will be so much fun! I can’t wait. Do you think there is any chance of you interviewing the Illustrator?

Unknown said...

This movie has always been really good and something about it does feel deeply nostalgic. It's just so 90's to me. Maybe it's The Cranberries in the soundtrack : )

It is interesting to look at it from a business/tech point of view.

Julie Musil said...

I forgot about You've Got Mail! Now that plot seems prophetic, huh? So sad.

I recently watched Sleepless in Seattle, which is one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for chick flicks.

Can't wait to read Quacky Baseball!

Jacqui said...

I used to live in LA and there was an old-time movie theatre that showed all of those old movies for about a buck. I loved them. No loud earsplitting scenes, graphic violence, dumbed-down conversation. What fun. It's closed now, but I know if I wasn't asleep by 9 every night, I'd find them on TV.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Thanks for commenting you guys!

You may be right, Michael. Where is Meg these days?

Dear Grunt, Were the good old days that good?

So glad the gloom is lifting, Lee Rae! Either I will interview Frank Morrison or someone else will. Should know soon and then I'll post an update...

I agree, Shenee and Jacqui. There is a comfort in old movies, just like there is in old music. Is it because we know what's coming next or because they remind us of those days?

I know, Julie. It's funny about the plot of You've Got Mail. Now Hollywood could come out with a sequel about the e-reader and chain bookstores going under. Maybe not such a good idea...

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

In the good old day, all we had to worry about was the Hydrogen bomb, the International Communist Conspiracy, and Rolaids.
Good and Old

Lee Rae said...

Megan, I hope the reason you haven’t posted anything new for quite some time is because you have been very busy getting the Quacky Baseball blog tour together. I also really hope you are feeling okay and everything is okeey dokeey.

-Concerned plus Good and Old.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Thank you for your concern, Lee Rae. You are very good! There have been some delays getting the blog tour for Quacky Baseball together. I think it is going to happen the week of March 14 but I'll confirm that soon.

I apologize for the delay in posting something new. It might happen today... I think I'll write about a Writer's Digest webimar I attended on the repercussions of the closing of the Borders stores. Not the cheeriest topic, but some useful info...

Hope everything's okay with you too!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

"Not the cheeriest topic, but some useful info."

Yes, yes. More gloom.
Doom for Breakfast

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Dear Doom

At least breakfast is a cheerful topic!

Lee Rae said...

Speaking of nostalgia, I watched Jaws the other day. That darned movie still made me jump even though I knew when the scary parts were coming up. It’s still great after all these years! Not one computer or cell phone to be seen. Although, the shark was wearing his built in GPS system.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Jaws was such a great movie. Thanks for reminding me, Lee Rae. I must revisit it...

Mea culpa for not writing a new post today. Not feeling tip top. Think it had something to do with a raw oyster. The ocean has scarier things in it than sharks, although I'm a diver and I love the sea.

I must write a new post. I must write a new post. I must write a new post. I must write a new post. I must write a new post.