Friday, January 7, 2011

On Resolutions, Goals &

 finding the motivation to get it done

The tradition of making New Year's resolutions is especially appealing if you didn't get around to following through on last year's. It's a symbolic clean slate - or maybe a blank screen would be a more suitable and contemporary metaphor.

Any dangling resolutions from last year? Just recycle them and add a few new ones. This year, I made a list of resolutions - more like underlying goals or directives to kindle (the verb that is, not the noun) momentum on some of my projects.

One thing I've learned is that lofty goals are rooted in humble beginnings. For instance, the first thing I did this year was to conduct a one-woman archaeological dig through a mountain of papers that had accumulated on my work space. Then, I started writing again.

On the topic of reading, writing and goals, there was a marvelous list of literary resolutions on the LA Times Jacket Copy blog, to celebrate the New Year. If you didn't see it, do take a look: 37 literary resolutions for 2011.

Now back to my goals. I want to take advantage of the opportunity for a fresh start. There are still more than 350 days left...


The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

"Any dangling resolutions from last year?"
Whenever I dangle my resolution, the cops show up.
New Year Writer

Lee Rae said...

I seriously didn’t want to squander away time this morning so I knew I shouldn’t have come here. Being curious, I just had to see if Megan got her new post up on the blog. She did! So I spent more time reading all 37 of the writers’ resolutions. From there I added a new blog to check every day, Black Dog Reviews. Now I am being confronted with Pen and Ink’s dangling resolution. At this point, I know the day is shot because there is this image I can’t shake.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Dear Francis,
Pen & Ink would like to apologize for a certain member's (no pun intended)naughty comments. We can guess what sites he visits on the internet instead of writing. We keep him in the group because he eats our leftover snacks so we don't get fat.
Men. They're such perverts.
The Management

Laurie Young said...

Now that the dangling resolution issue has been resolved . . . what were we talking about?
Oh yeah. I have the same resolutions every year, so I save a lot of time on January 1st. My only real goal is to make progress on all of them—I've given up truly finishing anything because as soon as you do, the laundry just needs to be done again. It's an ongoing journey . . .

Lee Rae said...

Laurie, the dangling resolution may be resolved but it is still way too funny to be ignored.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

I understand your predicament, Lee Rae, in fact I share it. As a brilliant time squanderer myself, I confess to many hours absorbed by meandering around the Internet. Some of it is productive, but not when we should be doing something else.

As for my colleague's propensity for dangling -participles shall we say? Well, let's leave it there. The image is quite persistent.

Dear New Year Writer: When the cops are finished with you, please send them over here to police the comment section of my blog.

Laurie, I agree with you. Life is like laundry in many respects. Good luck with your resolutions this year.

Lee Rae said...

Megan, had to tell you, Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day arrived. I will be watching it very soon. Not tonight, but very soon!

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Hi Lee Rae
Hope you like the movie - I'm sure you will. Let me know!

Lee Rae said...

Megan, I watched the movie and you were right, I really did enjoy it. I felt so hungry for her the whole time. She was so close to food and never got a morsel. I wonder if there is any symbolism in all that ‘dropped food’.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

How perceptive, Lee Rae! Now that you've pointed it out, I remember Miss Pettigrew trying to get a morsel here and there. Somehow it didn't stand out at the time.

Maybe food was a symbol for love. The important thing is, she does end up with that.