Friday, December 31, 2010

My puppy ate my blog post

and other excuses for not getting it done...

This week has not been as productive as I would have liked - largely because I've been babysitting my son's new puppy, with whom I am besotted. For the last few days, much of my time has been devoted to going for walks, cuddling and researching the comparative merits of different squeaky toys. But how do I explain my disappointing productivity for much of 2010? I've checked off a few things on my project spreadsheet but I'm way behind where I'd hoped to be.

If anyone would like some reliable tips on the acquired art of procrastination, I'm happy to share my expertise. But next year, I'm determined to write, paint and achieve more. I'm aiming for a gratifying sense of accomplishment at the end of 2011. Next post - resolutions that won't lead to disappointment, or:

How to achieve balance between setting realistic goals and finding the motivation to get it done.

Any suggestions? What works for you?

For now, I'm hoping my immersion in the world of puppyhood will lead to inspiration - The Poky Little Puppy comes to mind. Oh right, that's been done.

Thank you to all my readers for commenting, following and being there in 2010. Happy New Year everyone!


Jan von Harz said...

I think goals are good but resolutions always seem to get lost in living. Maybe just the fact that you want to do better is enough. Happy New Year!

Miranda Buchanan said...

Fabulous post! I love the puppy. :) Have a very happy new year!

Jonathan said...

I just put my head down and puppy, uh...bulldog ahead. If I think too much about it, I usually falter. Hope you make it happen!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Whenever I set goal, I convert the distance to the metric system.
Two 1/2 Inches

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Thank you, Jan and Happy New Year to you too. That's a great point about goals. Part of the problem with resolutions is the risk of setting yourself up not to succeed. I do like the idea of a fresh slate with the new year, and having attainable realistic goals though...

Thanks so much, Miranda! A very happy new year to you too!

Haha, Jonathan. Good advice. Maybe I should just stop thinking and planning - could it be just another kind of procrastination?

And as for my metric friend, you're such a great strategic thinker -- and you can do math too!

Lee Rae said...

This year I am going to write a novel with illustrations and have it published. This is my realistic resolution. You should hear my unrealistic version. It involves working out at a gym.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Hahaha Lee Rae!

I applaud both your resolutions and I think you should pursue them in tandem.

Happy inspired New Year to you!

Lee Rae said...

Megan, I am trying to figure out how to begin writing my first novel while working full time. Talk about trying to achieve balance between setting a lofty, and very scary goal and real life. Finding the time to sink into that place of pure imagination where when achieved writing becomes easy. This is my goal for each day.

I have a lot on my plate this year. I am hoping you and Pen and Ink will be my blog mentors on this journey. Here’s to 2011!

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Hi Lee Rae

I'd be delighted to be one of your blog mentors on your writing journey. I'm flattered! Between Pen & Ink and me, you're sure to gather encouragement, inspiration and plenty of pointless nonsense. Please let me know if there are any particular things you have in mind that I can address.

In addition to picture book manuscripts, articles, short fiction and an abandoned novel, I've written a third of the first draft of a current novel which I hope to complete this year. My new goal is to write something every day - whether it's a page, a scene, or just notes and ideas - anything to keep the momentum going.

It is scary and intimidating and I'm sure it's especially daunting with a full time job. I admire you for setting out to do this. Let's do it together. Off we go to the land of pure imagination.

Jacqui Murray said...

what a wonderful face on that puppy! This is why that excuse always works if accompanied by a dog picture.

OK, now I'm going back to read the rest of your post...

Julie Musil said...

OMG, love that doggie! My doggie sat beside me while I read through my printed pages today. There's nothing like a cuddly puppy.

Anyway, I just loose goals for each day, and I have a long term goal of publication. Nothing too stressful!

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Thanks for commenting, Jacqui and Julie. It's good to know the puppy excuse worked - but I hope I don't have to resort to excuses too much in 2011!

Lee Rae said...

All good procrastinators have to pull out their puppy excuse at least a couple times a year. Fortunately, you used yours on the last day of 2010. So you still have a few puppy cards you can play this year.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Were here at Pen and Ink consider ourselves masters of procrastination We had a post last year on how to do it. But...New Year, New Resolutions.
Here are two suggestions:
Pick two blogs you follow and comment on those. Then stop reading other people and write.
Don't respond to any personal email until you have written for at least an hour.
These are not easy resolutions to keep.

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

"I hope I don't have to resort to excuses too much in 2011!"

I hope to excuse myself to a resort in 2011.
Siesta Sam

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

I'm glad you bought the puppy excuse. Lee Rae. It was real that time - it might not be next time.

Siesta Sam, great suggestion to choose 2 blogs each day to comment on. I might adopt that. The other one - not checking email until you've written for an hour - really works for me. My goal is to write at least a page before succumbing to the irresistible pull of my online addiction. I'm making progress on my WIP again! But I'm way behind on my blog posts. I must write one today - on resolutions!

Lee Rae said...

After reading Pen and Inks suggestions on how not to procrastinate, I did go write quite a bit of stuff for quite a while. I don't know if it will 'make the cut' or not, but you guys did motivate me in your own special Inky way. I have four blogs I check regularly and post on. Two are very recent acquisitions. Bless! And no, I am not giving them up.

Who here thinks Megan will not get her new blog post done by tomorrow?

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Bravo on your writing, Lee Rae!

I haven't forgotten about reading Heidi either. Right now, I'm reading something troubling and it's not the kind of thing I can breeze through.

And thank you for challenging me. I wrote my new blog post and scheduled it for publication tomorrow morning! I'm so glad this is one of the blogs you are checking in on.