Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long live the book

The book is not dead - it's just being reincarnated

The year may be far from over, but everyone's doing 2010 retrospectives already. It seems early for holiday gift lists, but on Sunday, The New York Times published its annual Best Illustrated Books of 2010 list and on Monday, Publisher's Weekly issued its Best Children's Books 2010.

I was heartened by the New York Times Book Review special Children's Books feature on Sunday. In a review of two picture books,  Lawrence Downes wrote: "Recent news accounts suggest that some parents have lost faith in the picture book. "Big Red Lollipop" and "Busing Brewster" could change their minds." 

Reading about all these wonderful recent children's books made me hopeful. Maybe it's not all over for picture books, and books in general. A day later I revised my thinking. That's when I read about the Fable, the new e-book for kids, coming out next summer. Okay, so maybe the book is not dead. It's just being reincarnated.

Like chocolate? Please check back next Tuesday when I host day 2 of the blog tour for the new picture book, Grandma's Chocolate, by Mara Price, illustrated by Lisa Fields. Read about the fascinating history of chocolate in Mesoamerica, and try a recipe for traditional Mexican hot chocolate, courtesy of Mara. You could even win a copy of Grandma's Chocolate!  


The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Dear Megan,
The E-Book is only the beginning. Stand by for the H-Book, the Z-Book, the xYz-Book and the Edible Book.
Cocoa Head

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Dear Cocoa

Thanks for letting me know. If the Edible Book is on its way, I'm pre-ordering mine now.