Thursday, July 29, 2010

Art in France - a foray into pointillisme

Travel is all about discovery and inspiration. This summer I'm seeking both. Even tiny details like a lyrical French phrase or a Roman bridge, could lead to material for a future story or painting.  In my brief stay in New York City last week, I saw two inspiring exhibits - Matisse at MOMA and Picasso at the Met. It seemed like kind of a prelude for my trip to the south of France, where Matisse and Picasso both lived and worked for much of their lives. More on these two fantastic exhibits to come in a future post...

This week, I arrived in Lodeve for part two of my summer travels. One of the highlights was a visit to La Couvertoirade, a medieval village in the Larzac. I explored the walled city, up the tower steps and around the ramparts, gazing down on the rooftops and the narrow passages - searching for an interesting subject to draw. I climbed the hill to the church, where I found a secluded cemetery with the ancient gravestones of long forgotten knights. The gravestones were engraved with symbols of heraldry, but no names. On the back of one of the round stones was a beautiful symbol that reminded me of a fleur de lis. This mysterious engraving inspired a drawing (above left).

I did a more elaborate version on watercolor paper - and then I had an idea. I'd never tried pointillisme, so here is my first attempt (above right): Inspired by the impressionists, I used watercolor pencils to add pigment to the image. Once I add water - the colors will become vibrant. 

Please check back - I'll post the finished painting soon, along with more on art, travel - and the source of inspiration. Where do you find yours? Please comment.

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pete said...

This looks great to me. Your blog is full of things I don't see anywhere else.