Friday, June 4, 2010

WIP resuscitation - Up next: Blog tour & interview with an editor

Today, I tried to resuscitate a manuscript - my abandoned WIP. When I opened the document file this morning, I was shocked to see the last date I'd written anything - April 19. It was like re-encountering college friends at a cocktail party long after graduation. You remember the $50 loan they never paid back and the night they drove into a ditch, but you don't know them anymore.

For the college friends, life has moved on. Their hair is shorter, they have business cards, they've gotten married, even divorced. Not so for my characters. Their lives have stagnated. They're dying of ennui. They'd almost given up on me. I've been too busy painting lately, but they don't understand. For now, all I could do was read the last few scenes I wrote, add some dialogue and write one new page. Just one. It's hard to get back into writing. I have to rebuild trust - in the story and in myself.

While I reacquaint myself with my own manuscript, exciting things are about to happen right here at On Beyond Words & Pictures. Next week, I'm hosting one day of the blog tour for my friend, the wonderful writer and illustrator, Diane Browning - whose charming debut picture book, Signed, Abiah Rose, is being released June 8. A work of historical fiction about a girl who finds a graceful way to pursue her artistic goals, Signed, Abiah Rose received a starred review from Booklist.

For the blog tour, I am interviewing Abigail Samoun, Diane's editor at Tricycle Press (an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House) to be posted here June 9. I am thrilled about the opportunity to help with the launch of Signed, Abiah Rose, and to get to know more about Abigail Samoun and her imprint.

Please check back on Wednesday. Now I'm going to sneak, as unobtrusively as possible, back into my manuscript...


Dana Carey said...

When you write & illustrate it isn't always easy to find balance. I relate completely to this; it's difficult switching gears & trying to get back into one or the other. If you come up with any solutions as to how to keep both going simultaneously, please share!

Good luck with your WIP & interviews. I'll be back to check them out!

Diane Browning said...

I agree with you and Dana -- it's so hard to find balance. My author and illustrator selves are inconsiderate of each other!

I'm looking forward to your interview with Abigail Samoun, my wonderful editor. Thanks for being part of the tour!