Friday, May 7, 2010

Go over there

This post finds me behind on everything - from writing to the daily drudgery of housecleaning. "What's the excuse now?" you might ask. "Not an excuse. A reason," I might rally. I'm busy painting in preparation for a group show, Eve in the Garden of Lost Angels, at Optical Allusion Gallery, downtown Los Angeles. Paintings must be dropped off Tuesday afternoon at the latest. It's the debut show of the Los Angeles Fine Artists Network (LA FAN), of which I am a member.

In my frenzy to get ready for the show, I'm not taking the time to come up with an original post this week. Instead, I'm sharing a wonderful item I just came across in the kidlitosphere. Brenda Bowen, literary agent with Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, is staging a birthday tea in honor of children's book author Margaret Wise Brown - on the steps of the New York Public Library. The date is May 23rd - the 100th anniversary of Margaret Wise Brown's birthday. To find out more about the tea, go over to Brenda Bowen's delightful blog, Bunny Eat Bunny: TeaforMargaret

What fun it would be fun to join in the celebration on May 23. Alas, I'll be in Los Angeles - babysitting paintings at the gallery perhaps, trying to remember what it was I was writing a couple of months ago - or even more likely, catching up on dusting and vacuuming.

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