Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enid's Laws Redux - hand-me-down writing advice from my mother & brother

I wanted to share a cherished list of rules for writing via my brother, Peter Abrahams, award-winning and bestselling author of many books for adults and children. As Spencer Quinn, he also writes the Chet & Bernie Mystery Series narrated by Chet the Dog.

Visit Chet's blog to read his post on Enid's Laws. The original rules came from our mother, Enid, who was a screenwriter. I know this is convoluted - but Peter, aka Spencer, through Chet, has elaborated on Enid's Laws and added one of his own: Enid'sLaws


Dana Carey said...

I clicked over to Chet... it was worth the detour!
Thanks for Enid's rules. They are concise and make a lot of sense!

Angie said...

I second Dana's comment. Thank you for the link to Chet. Informative and entertaining. :)

Diane Browning said...

How fun to find your brother's site! I love the tips. What an interesting family of writers!