Thursday, April 29, 2010

Passion for Poetry

Rockcliffe Park Public School, Ottawa, Canada - painting by Xheni Konci, grade 6 - June 2008

I wrote a lot of poetry as a kid and still write the occasional poem. I wanted to squeeze this in before the end of Poetry Month - a fond memory of one childhood muse who encouraged my passion for poetry.

I wasn't the teacher's pet. It was obvious Kathleen was the favorite. Even so, my grade 8 home room teacher at Rockcliffe Park Public School encouraged me in one important area. He recognized my love of poetry. Every Thursday afternoon for a term, I was excused from class to go off by myself to the library resource center for a free period of undirected poetry study. I was 12 years-old - a little young for that much freedom - but I took it pretty seriously.

At the end of the term I was expected to produce a report. I presented a turquoise folder with an essay on poetry and definitions of poetic terms like iambic pentameter - along with a collection of my own poems. I don't know how productive the experiment was or how much I learned but that wasn't the point. The lasting value of the experience was that a teacher gave me the latitude to pursue something I loved. He endorsed the importance of poetry and encouraged me to learn and develop my writing.

Here's one of my childhood poems from around that time:

Intertwining branches black
cascade across my window pane.
Suddenly I realize
that the sky is caving in.

The topaz sun
has just for fun
turned into a ruby.
I wonder why
I just sat by
and dreamed as if you knew me.


Lori W. said...

I love the line about "the topaz sun has just for fun turned into a ruby." Also, I read the post re: the book by your brother. It sounds cool, and I'm on the lookout for summer reading.

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Thanks, Lori. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. UPS just delivered my copy of Bullet Point five minutes ago. I can't wait to read it - Pete's such a good writer.