Monday, January 4, 2010

Thereby Hangs a Tail

I'm off to the bookstore to pick up Thereby Hangs a Tail - the second in the Chet and Bernie mystery series by Spencer Quinn - released January 5. The first book, Dog On It, was a New York Times bestseller and Barnes & Noble Recommends selection. The series may be primarily intended for adults, but it's perfect for YA readers too. I can say that with confidence - my 13-year old niece Rachel loved Dog On It, and if you've read my interviews with her, you know Rachel's a discerning reader - see 2Teens.
The mysteries are written from the witty and endearing pov of Chet the dog, Bernie's partner in the Little Detective Agency.
I won't be reviewing Thereby Hangs a Tail, because Quinn is my big brother - and even though he's undeniably a fabulous writer, I might be suspected of bias. However, I do hope to interview him in an upcoming blog post about his writing career and this great series.
Please check back. In the meantime, visit chetthedog - a most delightful blog - and you'll see what I mean.


Sandra Stiles said...

This sounds like an interesting book. That is what I like about blogging. I find books that I might not hear about otherwise.

Madelyn said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site early. I thought I'd return the visit. This book sounds great, but I really liked the interviews with teens on your site. Nice change!

Madelyn said...

Make that EARLIER. Ugh. This blog challenge is tricky. I'm getting all tongue-tied.

monica said...

excellent. my 11 yr old daughter loves the Warrior series. I'm sure she will love these.

Hannah said...

How cool that you and your brother are both children's writers! Y'all must be a very literary family, and I can imagine what your house must have been like during your childhood -- stuffed with books, perhaps?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jan von Harz said...

Love the blog. I have been spending the last couple days checking out all the people who signed up for Mother Reads comment challenge, and it has been very enlightening. I did try to click on the link you left at the bottom of this post but got an error. I shall return.