Monday, August 17, 2009

Headline jokes - leftovers from the SCBWI Conference

At the last minute, I registered for just one day of the SCBWI summer conference - Saturday - to see the Portfolio Showcase (inspiring), hear Melinda Long, Eve Bunting, Kadir Nelson and Arthur Levine on creating an extraordinary picture book (illuminating), the agents panel with Brenda Bowen (whose session last year was a highlight for me), Sarah Davies, Stephen Fraser, Don Lazar, Kelly Sonnack and Marietta Zacker (informative) and of course, to network at the Blue Moon Ball. There were many other highlights, like Wendy Loggia's presentation on 7 reasons for rejecting a manuscript (Note to bloggers: consider what you write in your blog. Editors do!)
Then there's the joke challenge - a fun diversion in the few down minutes between running back and forth from the Los Angeles Ballroom to the California Showcase. Last year I won a joke draw, which motivated me further. The challenge this time - to write a headline showing how characters from children's literature are adjusting to the recession. I submitted four jokes this year, and none of them were drawn. I don't want to waste them, so here are my leftovers:

* Rapunzel sells hair - Prince climbs tower with grappling hook
* Pinocchio forced to cut off extra nose for kindling
* Emperor shops for new clothes at Goodwill
* Alice subdivides Wonderland

One more thing - the kid's pov - an interview with children on what books they're reading and why  (see my last post) will now be a regular feature of this blog. Look for upcoming interviews with young readers here soon!


Hannah Ruth Wilde said...

My SCBWI Joke:
Strega Nona opens a pasta kitchen to feed the homeless.


Sara W.E. said...

You were robbed! Particularly on the Emperor's New Clothes joke. Nice!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and glad to have'discovered' your blog:)

Shane Eli... said...

Love the jokes...glad you're making the kids a regular feature.